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Need a brain for your bot?

Avoid process breakdowns by adding human and artificial intelligence to your existing RPA technology.

87% of bots break or fail.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) promises to automate repetitive tasks and manual processes like opening emails and filling out forms using if/then rules.
The problem is that RPA tools have been overpromising and underdelivering:

  • 87% of bots break or fail.
  • 50% of practitioners said bots are harder to deploy than they first thought
  • On average, it takes 18 months to push bots into production.

  • RPA bots break because most processes have exceptions and break points. There's no way to predict these and codify how humans would react to them using basic if/then rules.

    Modelshop makes your bot unbreakable.

    You can make your bots unbreakable by introducing the flexibility of human and artificial intelligence. With modeling tools like Modelshop, teams of all technical levels can handle exceptions and prevent problems from occurring. Teams can get close to the data, change calculations and business rules, and see anticipated results. They can then automatically plug in your intelligence system to your RPA software and ERP systems. It’s a brain for your bot!

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