Automate Analytic Applications in Credit Origination

Learn how our clients are leveraging Modelshop to deliver more competitive pricing models and provide a more frictionless customer experience.

Power frictionless online lending origination with smarter risk based pricing decisions

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Model risk exposure and deal profitability using real-time weighted cash-flows

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Provide interactive loan pricing at the mobile device using real-time APIs

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Run simulations and optimization to find ideal price points and re-deploy without recoding

Improve the Customer Experience

Leverage data through online services to render robust decisions, effectively price and close a loan with as little friction as possible

Update in real-time

Easily integrate intelligence into every customer touch point with real-time APIs that are automatically deployed and enterprise grade.

Quickly automate and deploy agile credit policies

Manage logic and analytics that drive credit decisions in a flexible tool this is accessible to both analysts and quants meaning policy can be authored, tested and deployed in hours, not days or weeks.

Leverage predictive analytics

Deliver a higher degree of personalization and deeper insight through predictive analytics. Empower your credit analysts to model decisions without requiring advanced coding or software releases.

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