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Automate Credit Pricing and Decisioning

Are your credit decision models disconnected from your origination process?

Risk management teams are under pressure to improve the performance of their credit portfolios.

Making better origination decisions relies on modeling application data, credit history, portfolio objectives, and economic data to accurately project risk. Yet, origination software doesn’t have the analytic flexibility that your model needs. You’re forced to build pricing and decision models in offline tools, which slows down the process and causes delays deploying new credit strategies.

Intelligent automation improves the performance of your credit portfolio.

Bring your risk and origination processes together with intelligent automation. With Modelshop, you can create custom credit decision and pricing models and deploy them as APIs that integrate directly with your origination software. Get the visibility and flexibility to edit your custom calculations and business logic in real-time without a time-consuming model deployment process.

Put your model to work to create personalized credit options based on each customer’s unique financial situation and convert more high-value deals.

Benefits of automating custom risk pricing and decision models:

  • Target Higher-Value Customers
  • Deliver Real-Time Custom Pricing
  • Deploy new strategies faster

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