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Build a Roboadvisor

James Marsh
October 15th 2017

As new generations of customers come to expect services when and where they desire, financial institutions need to adapt their products to meet those expectations. One such example is the advent of automated investment allocation applications, colloquially referred to as Roboadvisors. These applications provide wealth management customers access to intelligent investment advice customized to their specific financial situation without the need to meet face to face with an investment professional.

In this video, we’ll construct a Roboadvisor from scratch. We’ll create the foundation of our model by importing portfolio data from a spreadsheet, create market and strategy relationships inside the data, and define custom calculations to determine suggested sector allocations. We will supplement our model with live stock data from open online sources, create industry standard stock performance metrics, incorporate a machine learning model to optimize expected returns, and finally deploy the Roboadvisor to a customer facing web application using REST APIs.

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