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Financial Modeling

Empower your team, speed financial reporting and reduce costs by automating analysis and analytics currently stranded in spreadsheets.

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Create more detailed and accurate forecasts using automation, without coding.

Modelshop is a platform that automates financial calculations and analytics currently trapped in spreadsheets and ad-hoc analytic tools. By moving desktop bound analytics into an online automation platform, organizations can increase collaboration, reduce model risk and rapidly deliver real-time analytic applications.

Unchain enterprise data Data connector plugins avoid transformations

Access native enterprise data without transformation, increasing agility to leverage new information sources and reducing the cost and errors of ETL.

Self-serve data connectors, statistical exploration and data cleansing rules accelerate access to enterprise data sources

Increase collaboration and traceability New calculations in a snap

Move calculations, analysis and analytic models to your internal cloud, increasing cross-team collaboration and transparency into data lineage and change control.

Online sharing, security and integrated change control makes it easier to work on models together as team while maintaining integrity

Reduce costs through automation Optimize projections for assured results

Automate redundant analysis, calculations and testing, allowing data analysts and quants to focus on higher-value work.

Automate redundant analyst work and deploy projection models as shareable online applications accessible through APIs

Deploy real-time intelligent services One-click model deployment of APIs

Instantly deploy real-time APIs that can integrate with production applications and workflows, without re-coding.

Automate redundant analyst work and deploy projection models as shareable online applications accessible through APIs

Machine learning without the PhD

Predictive analytics can leverage past performance to project future results - without coding.

  • Powerful rules and scorecards
  • Auto-fit decision trees
  • Seamless machine learning integration
  • Integrated data lineage and back-testing

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