Beyond Build or Buy

Modelshop's open APIs and flexible data modeling enables teams to build highly tailored intelligent applications faster than ever before.

Data modeling for the next generation of analytics – Directed Graphs

Create data relationships based on natural business relationships in the data, not technology constraints

Effortlessly navigate complex data structures with a closure based query language based on the Java syntax

Simplify logic with a declarative syntax and automated execution sequencing based on calculation dependencies

Modelshop's language is intuitive for business and friendly for technology

Define expressions using a full language that is readable, concise, and not limited by spreadsheet's letter:number cell paradigm.

Easily perform powerful queries and aggregation calculations without relying on non-intuitive SQL structures that flatten results.

Modelshop's open APIs fit with your existing architecture

Everything Modelshop does is powered by APIs designed to be integrated into the enterprise.

  • Automatic
  • Performant
  • Complete


Business analysts can maintain and expand applications to meet evolving business requirements since new fields and calculations can automatically be added to existing API endpoints.


Every record, expression and business rule is available through high-speed, low latency APIs, which makes Modelshop applications a dream for technologists to integrate with existing enterprise systems.


Manage more than just data. Modelshop APIs allow programatic access to configuration, user management and version control tools, giving IT full control over deployments.

Let's talk about how Modelshop can help your team create intelligent applications faster