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How Applied Analytics Can Give You a Competitive Edge

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We live in a world where analyzing data and making decisions in real-time is required to stay competitive.

Some companies are built for real-time: Amazon, Marcus by Goldman Sachs, Rocket Mortgage, and Dominos (to name a few). These companies are successful because of their innovative software and analytics. This technology has changed how they serve customers and manage their operations.

Applied analytics helps companies take action on their analytics.

The next era of technology innovation is here! Applied analytics is the application of analytics to real-time action. It’s for teams that interactively analyze historical data to project future outcomes that want to streamline manual and repetitive tasks.

Integrate your analytics directly with your enterprise systems

Power Decisions With An Analytics API

Enterprise Systems

Business decisions are made in a variety of tools such as ERPs, databases, CRM software, Scenario Managers, Reconciliation software, etc.

Data and Analytic Tools

However, your analytic tools are often separate from your enterprise systems. They're often located in spreadsheets, business intelligence tools, or custom code.

Integrate Analytics with Enterprise Systems

When you connect your analytics to where decisions are made, you can speed up the time to when revenue-driving decisions are made.

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