Accelerate Financial Analysis with Automation

Modelshop transforms how insurance companies automate analytic decisions

More agile insurance actuarial illustration models

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Integrate new demographic, health risk and individual risk indicators without coding

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Seamlessly roll out predictive analytics and run what-if origination and pricing simulations

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Deploy real-time pricing services that drive more accurate and timely actuarial decisioning

Model your business decisions

Enable business analysts to create decision models by employing a powerful grid and calculation language that will be familiar to advanced spreadsheet users.

Simulate Performance Outcomes

Run projections and simulate business decisions incorporating a full scope of realistic simulations. Analysts can then optimize their strategies for best results.

Deploy real-time applications

Deploy real-time production applications without coding, providing a central decision service for existing applications using Modelshop's REST APIs.

Predict future performance

Gather and transform data that can be analyzed with integrated predictive modeling tools including R and Python to create predictions that drive future business results.

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