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New Era of Intelligent Process Automation

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Revolutionary technology that will change how you do business

Automation is changing how companies do business. With new technological advancements, it's easier to connect disparate systems, digitize calculations and logic, and enhance human intelligence with artificial intelligence. For the past four years, we’ve worked with corporate clients to build mission critical models that make faster decisions, predict outcomes, and mitigate risk.

We're proud to share we’ve made game-changing enhancements to the Modelshop software platform and now it's available for teams of all sizes. With self-service sign-up and more business-friendly features, teams can get up and running quickly to increase efficiency and profitability. Automation should be accessible to all teams, not just a select few.

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Grow revenue for your business. With a NEW flexible automation platform.

It's now easier to gather and prepare data so teams can focus on building the custom calculations and logic they need to make faster, more accurate decisions. Build dashboards for stakeholders and send analysis to external systems automatically with flexible APIs. Take advantage of the next generation of automation technology to accelerate your internal processes and bring products to market faster.

Save time immediately. Self-service and user-friendly.

Modelshop helps teams reduce tedious, manual tasks by connecting disparate systems and providing a flexible canvas to build logic and calculations. It helps speed up processes with full control. It has the ease of a spreadsheet, but the power of a programming language. It works for your entire team, no matter the size, with audit control and different levels of access. It's the only online platform with a free 60-day trial (no downloads required!)

Enterprise Ready. Optional on-premise installation and private cloud.

Modelshop has flexible deployment options including individual user and team accounts, private dedicated cloud, and on-premise installation. Scale your models to 100's of millions of records with ease leveraging the powerful caching calculation engine. Every feature in the platform can be accessed using APIs for seamless integration with the digital enterprise.

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Make complex decisions faster with Modelshop's intelligent automation platform.

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