Investment Intelligence

Spreadsheets have dominated fundamental market analysis for decades. They are flexible but they lack the power and visibility required to compete in today’s data rich marketplaces. Modelshop provides a more powerful and modern alternative for fundamental market analysts looking to improve collaboration and create high performance portfolios.

Valuation Models

A wide array of Fundamental valuation models are used by analysts today, many of which have stood the test of time through many market cycles. While many of the valuation techniques have not changed, the data used to create the models has become more complex.

Modelshop’s flexible data models, interactive APIs and powerful logic engine allows analysts to create scalable and repeatable valuation models, that can perform automated model updates, data cleansing, and calculations.

Performance Tracking

Modelshop lives in the cloud and is inherently real time. This enables the ability to automatically monitor forecast performance over time, compare to actual values and improve models. Existing tools for financial forecasting lack a continual feedback loop to assist analysts in discovering hidden bias and improve techniques.

Automated Tasks

The task of manually compiling, cleansing, and transforming data into meaningful inputs for valuation models is extremely time consuming for analysts. Additionally, the need to perform these tasks from scratch when updating or creating new models is not the most efficient use of valuable analyst time.

Modelshop can automatically import data from a wide array of data sources, including web services. Once the data is imported, an analyst can define the logic they need to refine it into useful inputs once and automate the process from then on, freeing up time to do other tasks which lend to better investment decisions.

Audit Tracking

Modelshop has a built in audit trail for internal audits as well as compliance reporting. Model logic changes are version controlled and attributed to the editing user, meaning it is easy to see when specific changes where to the model and revert to prior versions when required.

Correlation Analysis

Financial data is inherently complex. Market, fundamental and alternative data contain fuzzy relationships. Traditional modeling tools were not designed to handle this level of complexity while allowing analysts to directly manage decisions. Modelshop delivers a unique calculation engine so creating variables, business rules and statistical features feels as easy as working in a spreadsheet, which in turn enables business users to find hidden relationships, meaning, and insight from their data.