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Getting started with Modelshop

Partnering with Modelshop helps you create models and automate tasks. Get started with our self-service data analytics platform and choose the level of support or the amount of hours with our professional services team. We will work closely with your team to understand your business, prioritize opportunities, and deliver a comprehensive plan for success.

Monthly / Annual
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Try It Contact Us
Data capacity: Up to 2GB of working memory
50 GB of disk space
Everything in profession, plus:
Hosting Options: Shared servers hosted by Modelshop
Private shareable models
Private instance hosted by Modelshop
On Premise Server Deployment
APIs: Access to Modelshop’s open API
Unlimited connections into and out of Modelshop (, Python, R)
Pre-built connector plugins
Limited to X transactions a day
Everything in professional plus:
Custom internal database or ERP connecters
Modeling: 1 Model Designer Login
Unlimited external collaborators
Unlimited models
Unlimited dashboards
Multi-tenant access with other Modelshop users
Cloud-based access
Data lineage
Version History
Out of the box Machine Learning algorithms
Standard Python Analytics
Pre-built model templates
Everything in professional plus:
User management and controls
Unlimited user seats
Custom Python Analytics
Python Web Functions
Custom branding / white labeled
Security: SSL access
Bank-level encryption (128 bit encryption)
Everything in professional plus:
Restricted IP access
Custom firewalls
Setup, Training, and Support: Live Chat, 9am-8pm EST
Remote group web training

Professional services
Everything in professional plus:
24/7 Support

Onsite training
Implementation and maintenance services

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