Regulatory Reporting

Spreadsheets have dominated fundamental market analysis for decades. They are flexible but they lack the power and visibility required to compete in today’s data rich marketplaces. Modelshop provides a more powerful and modern alternative for fundamental market analysts looking to improve collaboration and create high performance portfolios.

Process Automation

Financial institutions spend a significant proportion of time preparing data for reporting. The process of extracting, mapping, cleaning and inspecting data is often done manually, requiring large amounts of valuable analyst resources.

Modelshop improves this workflow by providing flexible data models, interactive APIs and powerful logic engine allows analysts to create scalable and repeatable models, to perform automated updates, data cleansing, and calculations.

Statistical Quality

Modelshop’s powerful calculation engine and integrated libraries enable analysts to perform advanced analytics to identify statistical and reconciliation based data anomalies that indicate risk.

Exception Alerting

Produce alerts on data quality, aggregation mismatches or calculation errors. Then add automated rules to correct known errors as new data comes in, without the need for manual analyst intervation and top line adjustments.

Audit Tracking

Modelshop has a built built in audit trail for internal audits as well as compliance reporting. Model logic changes are version controlled and attributed to the editing user, meaning it is easy to see when specific changes where to the model and revert to prior versions when required.

Performance Reporting

Track the performance of the regulatory reporting process over time, allowing continuous improvement of quality and efficiency.