Automate Smart Applications for Risk Management

Transform ad-hoc legacy data and spreadsheets into cloud based services that model financial business risk and make intelligent, interactive decisions, without software development.

Centralize and standardize your decision intelligence, leading to increased visibility and reduced compliance risk

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Unchain firmwide data assets for analysts

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Accelerate visibility into emerging risks

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Risk modeling allowing you to service multiple compliant regimes

Financial risk simulation

Create custom risk simulations of potential future exposure to volatility and economic events. Using a dynamic simulation framework, you can quickly simulate and analyze financial systems using data sets that apply to multiple lines of business.

Agile risk countermeasures

Adapt, control, and automate market, credit, economic capital, and systemic risk models, while still operating alongside or validating existing vendor models, home-grown code, and spreadsheets.

Fit existing architecture

Modelshop is scalable and designed to be integrated into your enterprise processes. Every record, expression and business rule is available through low latency APIs, which makes the applications a dream for technologists to integrate with existing systems.

Reduce compliance risk

Ensure data lineage and calculation transparency, providing an audit trail for full compliance. All data, variables, logic and analytics are managed as metadata accessible to analysts and are easily reportable to auditors.

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