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Spreadsheets bogging you down?

Create models that are flexible, secure, and connected to the enterprise. In record time.

Spreadsheets aren't connected to the enterprise.

Spreadsheets have started to run their course for running today’s on-demand business. Since they are on the desktop, spreadsheets are difficult to share and lack data security. They struggle to handle production data complexity and can’t be automated. Spreadsheets simply don’t fit with today’s online API driven architectures, which is why they’re considered non-strategic.

Modelshop is the fastest way to transform spreadsheets into applications. Without code.

Eliminate tedious data entry work.
Turn calculations and analysis into automated processes that get work done when your analysts aren't.
Real data modeling for real problems.
Connect multiple data sources, wherever they come from.
Increased transparency and governance.
Auditors being able to see results and reduce risk.

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