Modelshop - Transform your models into robust applications

Transform your models into robust applications

See why analysts, data scientists, and engineers choose Modelshop to rapidly scale their models as software applications.

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Hello applications, goodbye long development cycles!

Change is rapid. Domain experts are implementing their models into business processes quickly to capitalize on opportunities. The agility to create scalable software applications using custom rules and logic helps domain experts answer questions and solve business requests immediately.

Spin up models that scale as applications

Work through model building, testing, and deployment simultaneously to speed up time to launch. Login to a single platform to build models and deploy them as software applications.

Empower subject matter experts
Collaborate on models to bring more applications to the business. Knowledge hand-offs are things of the past!
Test as you build
Models are always "live" and production-ready. Monitor for statistically relevant results and re-deploy in minutes.
No re-coding of variables and logic
Variables and logic are only created once and can be utilized by all users so there’s less re-work.
Ongoing optimization of models
When there's new requirements, it's easy to iterate and rearchitect because there’s a single source of truth.
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How does this work?

1. Access Data from any Source

Link data no matter where it’s coming from (Oracle, AWS, Hadoop, CSV, etc.) Prep it for analysis by viewing tables and linking datasets together by pointing-and-clicking.

2. Create Variables, Rules, and Predictors

Build your model in a single location so all stakeholder can collaborate on it. Test as you build to save time. Your model is now ready to scale.

3. Deploy Models as Applications

It’s time to deploy, no re-coding required. In a couple clicks, create an application. The output can be on-demand or real-time reporting or automated decisions, it’s your choice.

Get up and running today

Bring new model build and deployment capabilities to your organization. Iterate on models to adapt to changing business requirements. Scale your productionized models to keep up with your applications and reports.

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