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A Rocket Ship for your Credit Strategy

Launch modern credit models in days not months. Leverage risk and performance AI building blocks that can be combined with your custom data, variables, rules and analytics to deliver real-time decisions. Skip the code.

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Credit model automation: On your terms

Untap your portfolio’s potential with a fully customized credit models designed for real-time automation.

How it works

Turn data insights into smarter credit decision models in days, not months

Tap into any data source
Start with your own data model and add industry credit, banking and identity data sources with a click
Create no-code credit models
Create custom variables, rules, cash flows and predictors using powerful codeless tools (plus your favorite ML tech)
Project portfolio performance
Back-test historic portfolios, including full application detail, to simulate expected portfolio performance
Deploy models with a click
Turn credit models into real-time decision APIs that plug into origination tools with zero coding
Monitor Model Performance
Continually monitor decision model performance, alert on model drift and deliver better credit outcomes

Lenders gain a competitive edge with frictionless origination

Competition to close high-value borrowers is getting tougher. Converting an applicant with the right offer in one sitting is becoming a critical capability required to compete in lending.

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