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Teams use Modelshop to make production-grade models. Connect your systems, automate your calculations, and make faster decisions.

SchedulE DEmo

Your platform to operationalize your ideas. No coding required.

Creating production-ready models is hard, which is why much of it is still manual. You could prototype models in spreadsheets and wait months for IT resources to recode them, or spend years learning Python. Alternatively, you could deliver automated models today, without the technical hurdles.

reach your potential

Get the decision-making power you want.

You take pride in your work. Imagine if you could automate your manual modeling processes to make more time for your analysis.

Limitless Power
Powerful core functionality, no add-ons needed. Unlike spreadsheets, you can operationalize your models with a graph analytics engine that helps you naturally define data relationships and come up with answers, faster.

Easy to Use

There's a reason why it takes years to get a computer science degree! Get the power of a coding language, with the ease of spreadsheets. Write formulas that have the power to navigate advanced datasets.

Open and Automated
Out-of-the-box, open APIs mean simple integration with internal or third-party systems. The best part of all? You can fully automate your models while maintaining the integrity of your analysis.


Solutions for all types of business

Choose a production-grade modeling platform that actually works for your team. Discover how teams use Modelshop to operationalize models that break down silos and achieve better outcomes.