Modelshop - Transform your models into robust applications

The fastest way to automate your models

Modelshop is how modern businesses deliver custom solutions using real-time models, built and maintained by business experts.


The world runs on models

Models are more than AI hype.  Your subject matter experts run your business using models every day. Unfortunately, their tools have not kept up with modern business and the real-time economy.  The result? Overworked spreadsheets, fragile work-flows, and spaghetti code.   Modelshop is the future-proof solution for modern business.

Deploy models into production 80% faster

Skip the coding step.  Modelshop bridges the gap between business and technology by plugging experts directly into the decisions that run your business.  Welcome to the new era of self serve models.


Agility fuels innovation
Business moves faster than ever. Stop fighting for scarce technical resources or waiting for vendors when deploying new strategies.
Business, modeled your way
Integrate any data source to perform any analysis you choose, including custom calculations, business rules, scorecards, and AI/ML algorithms.
Not just faster… smarter
Get to better answers, faster. Simulate, back test, and optimize models to deliver higher performance.
Automation, now required
Models sitting on the desktop are wasted resources. Unleash their potential by automating them as services.
Explore the Platform

Build, optimize, and deploy models. Over and over again.

Any data, any relationship.

No matter what data is meaningful you your business, Modelshop makes it useful in a common model, connected by a flexible and powerful graph data layer.

Custom logic for custom business

Define business logic based on your unique needs. Create custom variables, write business rules, build custom scorecards, and train AI/ML algorithms in a self serve environment

Assure performance through simulation

Models are rarely optimal on the first attempt. Improve them using back testing, simulation, champion challenger programs to determine the best model possible.

Deploy with confidence

Everything in Modelshop is available through an automatic, real time API, meaning easy integration with other internal systems, vendor solutions, and customer facing applications.

Give your team an edge

High-growth companies are scaling their repetitive analysis, adapting to rising complexity, and complying with regulatory requirements faster than ever. 

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