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Business processes are highly manual and disconnected.

The process of preparing data, creating calculations, and deriving insights to make decisions takes a long time and is highly disconnected. You’d like to integrate and automate these processes but there isn’t a single solution designed for your needs.

Models bring it all together.
Modelshop is the software platform to automate your business processes, including critical human intelligence. It harnesses human logic enhanced with artificial intelligence to model your processes. Since it’s an online platform, it is open to connect to all of your data and systems. You can automate with confidence and control.

‍Integrate your tools to simplify your life
When your data, machine learning, and production deployment tools speak the same language, life gets easier. Since Modelshop has open APIs, connecting to and from sources is a piece of cake.
Intelligent decisions require advanced calculations
‍Data and calculations should be separate, but together. Create thousands of calculations, without creating more data. Adjust calculations to meet unique business requirements in real-time.
Automate processes to speed up decisions
Build and deploy your model quickly. Optimize your analysis with out of the box machine learning algorithms or upload your own Python modules. Move from idea to production in mere days.
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Modelshop is an online, cloud-based platform. Simply go to to create an account and start your free 60-day trial.

2. Import Data

Whether your data lives in spreadsheets, databases, third-party systems, or real-time streams, connect them all! It's easy with our open APIs and pre-built connectors. Import data manually or automatically. Choose between batch or real-time imports, and everything in-between. Clean your data and intelligently handle substitutions, automatically.

3. Start Automating

Now, it's time to start automating! Start analyzing your data using your custom logic. Build projections, simulations, and rules, no coding required. Deploy updates quickly and confidently. Be confident about your analysis and start making decisions faster. Collaborate on your model with colleagues.

Make decisions 5-10x faster

Choose process automation software that actually works for your entire team. Modelshop is the only online platform that harnesses human-built calculations with artificial intelligence to model your processes. It’s an online platform so it’s open to connect to all your data and systems. Discover how other enterprises have broken down silos and automated for better outcomes.

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