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Create applications that automate decisions using analytics. Without coding.

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Existing analytic tools aren’t designed to take action on data.

The world is changing. Companies need to take immediate action on insights from their data and analytics to stay competitive. Most analytic investments are focused on data management and data science, leaving business users to struggle with ad-hoc spreadsheets and business intelligence reports, which are not optimized for running the business. As a result, subject matter experts do not have the tools they need to make decisions, take action, and meet company objectives.

Put Analytics into Action

Modelshop’s platform helps teams put analytics into action. Integrate your business logic, advanced analytics and IT-managed enterprise data to make critical decisions in real-time. Unlike end-user tools such as spreadsheets, Intelligent Applications created in Modelshop require less manual effort, are more secure, are better integrated with data sources and provide improved visibility for the business..

Speed up the process from data to analysis to decision. When your data, machine learning, and production deployment tools speak the same language, life gets easier. Modelshop has open APIs, so connecting to new data sources and production environments is a piece of cake.
Move data off the desktop and into your cloud. Users see the data that they're designed to see, transmitted over secure connections, with strong administrative controls and change histories.
Analytics can be shared with multiple teammates simultaneously; it's an online and collaborate platform. Work with original data sources and view data lineage. There aren't any processing steps and data isn't destroyed so you can verify accuracy.
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1. Connect your data

Connect your spreadsheets, databases, third-party systems, or real-time streams with our open APIs and pre-built connectors.

2. Model business insights

Use Modelshop’s familiar grid environment to add business logic, create projections and define business rules. Seamlessly leverage industry leading machine learning tools to predict outcomes.

3. Deploy Intelligent Applications

Turn your analysis into production grade applications, without recoding. Deploy Modelshop applications as tools for business users or as APIs that drive real-time decisions.

Analytics that take action

Start acting on your data analytics. Give the business analytic applications that are connected to your enterprise systems and can scale to production volume. Speed up the decision-making process to be more competitive.

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