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Data analytics is a highly manual and disjointed process.

The process of preparing data, creating calculations, and deriving insights to make decisions takes a long time and is highly disconnected. You'd like to integrate and automate these processes but there isn't a single solution designed for your needs.

Models bring it all together.

Modelshop is the only data analytics platform with the flexibility to integrate data, apply calculations, and automate advanced analytics in one place. It's an online platform that makes it easy to collaborate and connect to existing systems.

Integrate your tools to simplify your life
When your data management, analytics, machine learning, and production deployment tools speak the same language, life gets easier. Since Modelshop has open APIs, connecting data to and from different sources is a piece of cake.

Intelligent decisions require advanced calculations
Data and calculations should be separate, but together. Create thousands of calculations, without creating more data. Adjust calculations to meet unique business requirements in real-time.

Automate analytics to speed up decisions
Build and deploy your model quickly. Optimize your analysis with out of the box machine learning algorithms or upload your own Python modules. Move from idea to production in mere days.

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How does Modelshop work?

1. Connect Your Data
Whether your data lives in spreadsheets, databases, third-party systems, or real-time streams, connect them all! It's easy with our open APIs and pre-built connectors. Import data manually or automatically. Choose between batch or real-time imports, and everything in-between. Clean your data and intelligently handle substitutions, automatically.
2. Define Data Relationships
Get your data sets in order. Set yourself up for success by separating the structure of your data from your logic. Treat data the way it should be: in a dynamic, non-linear, and customizable environment.
3. Create calculations and automate analysis
Now, it's time to create your calculations. Push the envelope by executing complex calculations, projections, simulations, and rules, no coding required. Deploy model updates quickly and confidently.
4. Share reports with stakeholders or as an open API to other systems
It's time to show off your model: run and share your analysis. Whether it's publishing a dashboard for management or automatically powering a real-time application, you can use Modelshop as an intelligent layer for your existing systems.

"I can run simulations and test new rules at an insanely fast speed. It helps my team deliver results in real-time to provide a better customer experience."

- Chris McGregor, Outside Financial

"I was able to cut the amount of time I spend manually cleaning data in half, freeing up my time for work that actually matters."

- Lee Latimer, Loan Science

Deploy your models
5-10x faster, no matter what problem you're solving

Choose data analytics software that actually works for your entire team. Modelshop is the only data analytics platform that combines data, calculations, and machine learning in one place. Discover how other enterprises have broken down silos and achieved better outcomes.
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