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Analytic Decision Engines

Automated analytic decisions are required to compete in the real-time economy. Modelshop is the fastest way to create real-time analytic decision engines that power business applications, without coding.

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Real-time decisions don't have to be rocket science.

Modelshop allows technical analysts to blend multiple data sources, create derived calculations, build decision flows, integrate predictive analytics and deploy real-time decision engines without writing software.

Real-time decisions: now required
Integrate data, logic and analytics to automate critical decisions using real-time services.

Decision agility fuels innovation
Business moves faster than ever. Validate and deploy new decision services as fast as your team can innovate and stay ahead of the competition.
More data means better performance
The best way to deliver business performance is through better data. Integrate new production ready data sources into your decisions with a few clicks.
Not just faster… smarter
Get to better decisions, faster. Simulate, back test, and optimize your decision models using explainable analytics to deliver higher performance for your business.
Real-time, now required
Manual decisions made with desktop tools no longer cut it. Unleash the potential of your business by automating decision models as real-time services.
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Build, optimize, deploy, repeat.

Any data, any relationship.

No matter what data is meaningful you your business, Modelshop makes it useful in a common model, connected by a flexible and powerful graph data layer.

Custom logic for custom business

Define business logic based on your unique needs. Create custom variables, write business rules, build custom scorecards, and train AI/ML algorithms in a self serve environment

Assure performance through simulation

Decision models are rarely optimal on the first attempt. Improve them using back testing, simulation, champion challenger programs to deliver the best decisions possible.

Deploy with confidence

Everything in Modelshop is available through an automatic, real time API, meaning easy integration with other internal systems, vendor solutions, and customer facing applications.

Lenders give their programs a competitive edge with adaptive services

As the economy struggles, competition to close the right borrower is getting tougher. Converting an applicant with the ideal offer at the initial point of contact is becoming a critical capability required to compete.

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