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The platform for modern credit decisions

Introduce new data sources, custom logic and advanced models to improve credit outcomes - without code

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Intelligent credit origination: On your terms

Untap your portfolio’s potential with a fully customized modern credit decision platform.

How it works

Turn data into decisions in days, not months

Integrate Any Data Source
Start with your custom credit application and add off-the-shelf industry data sources with a click
Build No-code Logic
Create custom cash flows, variables, rules and predictive analytics using powerful no-code tools
Automate Decisions
Build custom decision flows to automate critical steps, or your digital entire underwriting process
Deploy with a Click
Turn decision logic into real-time APIs with zero coding and integrated configuration management
Monitor Decision Performance
Continually monitor decision performance, alert on model drift and deliver better credit outcomes

Lenders give their programs a competitive edge with frictionless origination

Competition to close the right borrower is getting tougher. Converting an applicant with the right offer instantly is becoming a critical capability required to compete.

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