Integrated with Credit Banking Identity Origination Partners

Empowering our client with the best of data and platform partners and plug-ins.

Integration Made Easy with a Few Clicks

We realize that serving lenders of all types including banks, credit unions, and private lenders require a variety of data and platform integrations—and every use case has its own unique requirements.

To remedy that, we’ve invested and integrated with the most reputable partners to address the common integrations that our clients require. And, if needed, we can integrate with additional services that enable you to use our AI Risk Decision platform for a very wide range of use cases.

Partner With Us

Our partners are a highly valued and instrumental component of our commitment to providing the best possible value and integrity to our clients. Working with industry-leading system integrators, data providers, technology platforms, and service providers, we leverage core competencies and strengths to deliver the most innovative and practical solutions to business problems. Together we expand existing client relationships and create new business opportunities across industries and regions.

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