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Payroll Protection Program Forgiveness Demo

Lenders are scrambling to implement processes to handle forgiveness applications for PPP loans. Using Modelshop to create a low-code, model driven application is a way to accelerate the process for lenders who might otherwise manage some or all of these applications manually.

In this demo, we walk you through an example of a friction-less PPP forgiveness application and then goes behind the scenes to show you how model-driven applications like this can be created without custom code.

A compelling feature of this model is the use of an analytic plug-in from a partner company Kodexa. Using Kodexa’s unstructured document analysis tools, we’re able to extract utility payments from uploaded bank statements and present them back for confirmation.

The ability to deliver a more intelligent user experience like this is one of the powerful benefits of backing applications with a low-code decision models.

Tom Tobin

Tom Tobin is the CEO of Modelshop. Modelshop provides a no-code platform and suite of lending models designed to accelerate automation of credit risk, origination and servicing decisions. Learn More.


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