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Credit Risk and Pricing Models

Design, optimize and deploy credit risk and pricing models that leverage new data sources and deliver optimal loan offers in real-time.

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Credit modeling is entering a new era, are you ready?

As Millennials mature and take their place as the primary market segment for lenders, credit models will have to change in a significant way. As with most industry transformations, this change will be driven by competitive market dynamics but will be enabled by emerging technology that enables the market leaders to be more competitive.

Data Agility for Better Decisions Industry Plugins

Lending decisions are becoming more targeted and must leverage new data sources to remain competitive in today’s market. Modelshop provides unlimited flexibility to add new data, create new variables and deliver higher performing decision and pricing models.

  • Standard credit, collateral and finance connectors
  • Easy creation of custom connectors
  • Integrate with existing origination and servicing

Unlimited Variable Flexibility New Logic in a Snap

Modelshop's powerful variable engine can access any data, including detailed credit reports, without coding skills.

  • Drag-and-drop new credit variables
  • Easy to explain variable relationships
  • No coding skills needed

Test New Strategies with Confidence Optimize Policies for Assured Results

Modelshop provides an ability to back-test and run forward projections on your credit policy before you deploy it. Simulation, optimization and machine learning are built into the modeling process and do not require coding.

  • Effortless simulation and back-testing using historic portfolio data
  • Powerful portfolio simulation and optimization
  • Deploy champion-challenger programs in parallel

Beat your competition to market One-click model deployment

The days of waiting weeks or months to deploy your credit model to production are over. Modelshop models are ready to be deployed as scalable, real-time services the moment they are built. Skipping the coding step can accelerate new credit strategy deployment from weeks to minutes.

  • Integrate models directly into your origination platform
  • Flexible APIs that can adapt to your existing tools
  • Unequaled performance with thousands of decisions a second

Explainable AI Has Arrived

Traditional scorecards sometimes aren't enough. Modelshop enables credit analysts to enhance their current scorecards with integrated machine learning tools that are fully transparent and that can be explained to regulators.

  • Powerful rules and scorecards
  • Auto-fit decision trees
  • Seamless machine learning integration
  • Integrated data lineage and back-testing

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