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Change the Game With Modelshop

Create deeper client relationships and recurring revenue streams with intelligent applications.

Go beyond spreadsheets and deliver software solutions

Client demands continue to escalate for consulting organizations. Data is becoming larger and more complex. Processes are increasingly real-time, and clients are looking for a path to AI. Spreadsheets are no longer the right tool to meet these demands.

Modelshop, provides an alternative to spreadsheets that can change the analytic consulting game. Using Modelshop, intelligent applications are fast to build, can handle more sophisticated data, support automation and have integrated machine learning.

Modelshop is the fastest way to
solve your client's custom analytic needs

Replace antiquated spreadsheet models

Clients expect solutions that fit in with their digital transformation initiatives. Modelshop partners build secure, custom solutions that can be accessed in the cloud through a link. These models are integrated into existing workflows using rest APIs.

Accelerate data-intensive projects

Sensitive data needs to be contained. Now with Modelshop, consultants can build models using sensitive client data without it leaving the client’s firewall. Intelligent automation tools can handle more sophisticated data sources, including unstructured data.

Leverage the power of AI without a PhD

Clients want AI solutions but they often don't know where to start. Consulting partners can use out of the box machine learning algorithms to boost their analytic models to predict future behavior and deliver unparalleled insights.

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Does AI represent a risk or a recurring revenue opportunity for management consulting?

A boutique consulting firm we recently worked with was helping a client manage regulatory reporting for their loan portfolio. The client asked them reduce costs and limit regulatory reporting risks. The firm assisted the client in compiling their analysis in spreadsheets and helped meticulously document the process. The client was looking for more. They expected the consulting firm to help them move forward with their digital transformation, not just improve their manual spreadsheet processes.

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