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Create deeper client relationships and recurring revenue streams with intelligent applications.

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Our partners are a highly valued and instrumental component of our commitment to providing the best possible value and integrity to our clients. Working with industry-leading financial companies, Data providers, technology platforms, and service providers, we leverage core competencies and strengths to deliver the most innovative and practical solutions to business problems.

Our mission is to ensure that our partners have the tools they need to help their clients improve the user experience and customer’s journey in order to acquire new customers, drive revenue, and increase retention. With our extensive documentation, training, and personalized support, it’s easy for system integrators, data providers, and consultants to seamlessly implement and deploy relevant AI risk and credit solutions for their clients.

Together we expand existing client relationships and create new business opportunities across industries and regions.

We Partner with a Variety of Firms

For the past ten years, we’ve worked with key strategic partners to help their clients achieve their business goals. 

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