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Automated Decisions. Without coding.

The economy is evolving. Customers demand real-time answers and increasing competition means decisions must be smarter. Modelshop empowers teams to automate analytic decisions as real-time services that can power existing applications or accelerate new solutions.

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Ready to automate your decisions?

Your decisions capture the intelligence of your business. Whether created in spreadsheets, code or other traditional modeling tools, today's decision tools aren't living up to their potential while sitting on the desktop. Modelshop is the new way to build and deploy engines for the real-time world. Powerful, collaborative and real-time - Modelshop models give you the power you need to automate your decisions without custom code.

Data modeling for modern business Real-world decisions require complex data

Life would be easier if models were linear and data was flat, but you do business in the real world. Data and data relationships are complex and tools that require data flattening just aren't ready for automating production grade models.

  • Link data sets as directed graphs
  • Handle complex documents and unstructured data
  • Discover schemas and import from APIs without coding

Point-and-click doesn't cut it Powerful syntax without a CS degree

Real models require real logic, and point-and-click solutions won't do. Modelshop uses a powerful business syntax based on Apache Groovy that feels comfortable for spreadsheet users but adds the power of advanced logic. Unlike other analytic languages, Modelshop is designed for production grade deployment out of the box.

  • Easy to use auto-complete editor
  • Transparent navigation of data relationship
  • Powerful, extensible function libraries

Know the answers before being asked Simulate outcomes and optimize results

Your models are designed to answer questions, but the dynamics of your business always begs more questions. Create resilient models that simulate multiple outcomes and react to new input without starting over. Deliver the optimal answer when presented with real-time questions.

  • Effortless simulation and back-testing with real data
  • Powerful simulation and optimization algorithms
  • Full transparency into the assumptions driving decisions

Deploy your models yesterday One-click model deployment for accelerated business

The days of waiting weeks or months to deploy a model to production are over. Modelshop models are ready to be deployed as scalable, real-time services the moment they are built. Skipping the coding step can accelerate new strategy deployment from weeks to minutes.

  • Models are built on production data formats
  • Calculations and projections scale to real-time
  • Model performance monitoring built in

Machine learning in a snap

There's no faster way to train, optimize, and deploy machine learning algorithms in the cloud. Make your models smarter and get ahead of the game. All without a PhD.

Seamless integration with existing machine learning tools.

  • Python
  • PMML

Prefer to see Modelshop in action with your data?

You're busy. Let us show you how other teams have used Modelshop to build powerful, production-ready models or we can create a custom demo model using your data.

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