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Automate any decision. Without coding.

Modelshop powers more than credit. Select partners have white-labeled our platform to power no-code decision engines in multiple industries.

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Looking for a decision automation partner?

Modelshop works with select partners to help them create innovative decision automation solutions. Our partners are thought leaders across multiple industries who have brought industry leading white-labeled products to market with minimal custom coding.

Data Modeling for Modern Business Directed Graph Data Models

Life would be easier if data was simple tables, but modern decision solutions require more complex data structures.

Point-and-click doesn't cut it Powerful syntax without a CS degree

Real models require real logic, and point-and-click solutions won't do. Modelshop uses a powerful business syntax based on Apache Groovy that feels comfortable for spreadsheet users but adds the power of advanced logic.

Know the answers before being asked Simulate outcomes and optimize results

Your models are designed to answer questions, but the dynamics of your business always begs more questions. Create resilient models that simulate multiple outcomes and react to new input without starting over.

Deploy your models yesterday One-click model deployment for accelerated business

The days of waiting weeks or months to deploy a model to production are over. Modelshop models are ready to be deployed as scalable, real-time services the moment they are built. Skipping the coding step can accelerate new strategy deployment from weeks to minutes.

Machine learning in a snap

There's no faster way to train, optimize, and deploy machine learning algorithms in the cloud. Make your models smarter and get ahead of the game. All without a PhD.

Seamless integration with existing machine learning tools.

  • Python
  • PMML

Prefer to see Modelshop in action with your data?

You're busy. Let us show you how other teams have used Modelshop to build powerful, production-ready models or we can create a custom demo model using your data.

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