Modelshop - Transform your models into robust applications

Transform your models into robust applications

See why analysts, data scientists, and engineers choose Modelshop to rapidly scale their models as software applications.

“Modelshop adeptly solves a universal business need by enabling companies to scale their models into production with a keen focus on speed, flexibility and transparency. With Modelshop’s simple yet robust UI and modeling framework, we were able to deploy a mission-critical decision engine and drive meaningful change for our business.”
-Mark Levine, Veros Credit

“I was able to cut the amount of time I spend manually cleaning data in half, freeing up my time for work that actually matters.”
-Lee Lattimer, Loan Science

“Modelshop gives us full flexibility to determine how credit decisions are made. I can run simulations and test new rules with incredible speed. It helps my team deliver results in real-time to provide a better customer experience.”
-Sonia Steinway, Outside Financial

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