Modelshop - Ready to start scaling your models as applications?

Ready to start scaling your models as applications?

See why analysts, data scientists, and engineers choose Modelshop: 

“Modelshop adeptly solves a universal business need by enabling companies to scale their models into production with a keen focus on speed, flexibility and transparency. With Modelshop’s simple yet robust UI and modeling framework, we were able to deploy a mission-critical decision engine and drive meaningful change for our business.”
-Mark Levine, Veros Credit

“Modelshop gives us full flexibility to determine how credit decisions are made. I can run simulations and test new rules with incredible speed. It helps my team deliver results in real-time to provide a better customer experience.”
-Sonia Steinway, Outside Financial

How does this help you?

  • Leverage existing assets and build upon them using code-free or code-friendly development
  • Remove cumbersome re-coding by building in a production-ready environment
  • Connect to any data source and blend, test, and debug as you build

Implement your models into business processes 80% faster than traditional re-coding.

Hello applications, goodbye long development cycles! Rapidly develop and deploy models to manage your team’s repetitive analysis and priority requirements. Empower subject matter experts to automate their stand-alone, workaround approaches with new model development and deployment capabilities. When your new tech works with all of your legacy applications, anything is possible.

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Any data loaded or models created will remain private. Trial users will have the opportunity to convert to a paid account at the end of the trial. Trial accounts will be limited to 1M records per dataset.

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