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Modelshop empowers healthcare professionals to automate decisions that are essential to patient health and operational efficiency. Replace inefficient and fragile spreadsheets with powerful models that improve workflows, reduce cost and better integrate patient data.

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Healthcare is re-inventing itself, are you ready?

Access to data and analytics are critical for healthcare professionals. Whether running a lab, managing patient care or optimizing schedules, accurate models can improve hospital efficiency, reduce risks and improve patient care. Modelshop allows organizations to evolve past the inefficiencies of spreadsheets while still empowering teams to build custom models that are critical to their operation.

Create and deploy models faster Healthcare Plugins

Teams can rapidly create new models using collaborative online tools. Automated models can be deployed instantly as online services.

New or updated models can be deployed without recoding variables, analytics or decision rules. Since Modelshop runs as a real-time service, new data sources can be integrated without the need to change existing platforms.

Extract insights from EHRs Evolve past the spreadsheet

Sophisticated data sources including Electronic Health Records can be accessed for modeling, without requiring code.

Modelshop’s multi-dimensional data engine allows healthcare professionals to create sophisticated variables on complex data without coding. Variables can inform simulations, predictive analytics and rules that optimize processes.

Run simulations to ensure outcomes Optimize Policies for Assured Results

Move beyond static spreadsheets and deliver higher performing decisions by predicting future outcomes using machine learning.

Integrated machine learning algorithms can project expected outcomes, optimize workflows and identify unexpected patterns. Adding predictive analytics to models allows teams to anticipate and optimize outcomes before they happen.

Deliver real-time decisions One-click model deployment

Modelshop models can be deployed for real-time monitoring and notification to identify and alert when exceptions are detected.

Run models as automated services that can detect exceptions or automate decisions such as resource scheduling, expected treatment costs or drug interactions. Models can be deployed as APIs that integrate with other systems.

AI for Healthcare

Traditional analytics sometimes aren't enough. Modelshop enables healthcare providers to enhance their current models with integrated machine learning tools to better predict outcomes.

  • Powerful rules and scorecards
  • Auto-fit decision trees
  • Seamless machine learning integration
  • Integrated data lineage and back-testing

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