Modelshop - Team

Our Mission

We believe models should not sit on a desktop.

Modelshop was founded on the vision that teams should be able to easily deploy automated models that optimize business performance. Unfortunately, today’s modeling tools are disjointed and highly manual.

For the past four years, the Modelshop team has been helping clients build and deploy mission-critical models, gathering feedback from users, and fine-tuning our platform. Our goal is to provide an integrated, self-service model automation platform so teams can intelligently automate their processes, without technical barriers.

Decision Automation - the next wave of analytics

Technology evolves in waves. Each cycle of innovation ends with a recognition that something more is needed to move to the next level. We are at that point with analytics.

As Business intelligence matured, organizations realized they need to not only understand the past, but to predict future outcomes. This led to innovation in machine learning and predictive analytics over the last decade, and most organizations have now become proficient with these techniques.

Some believe that machine learning is the same as Artificial Intelligence. It's not. It is really just one more step in a long journey towards true AI.

Modelshop believe our next step is Model Automation. This is where data, logic, analytics and decisioning all come together in the form of automated models that can optimize how businesses run.

Our founder, Tom Tobin, has been building model automation solutions for decades while working for FICO, Oracle and Fiserv. Our vision is to help usher in the next wave of innovation in analytics by providing easy to use, low-code solutions to enable every business to automate their models and run their business better.

Our Leadership
Tom Tobin
CEO and Founder

Tom is the CEO and Founder of Modelshop. He has over 25 years of experience building analytical modeling tools for companies like FICO, Fiserv, Oracle, and Hewlett Packard. Early in his career, Tom developed a love for analytics while developing simulations for the Atlas rocket. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.

James Marsh
Chief Product Officer

James leads Modelshop’s product innovation.  He spent his early career on Wall Street and has experienced first hand the challenges at the intersection of financial analysis, tech and data science.  James’ focus is ensuring the powerful technology in Modelshop is accessible to business users.  He has an MBA from Duke University.


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