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Tech shouldn't get in the way of innovation. You shouldn’t have to work in multiple systems to produce results. With an open API you can connect all your systems for end-to-end automation. Put your data and custom calculations in the same place to streamline your data analytics processes.

Multi-dimensional data. Handle increasing complexity with ease.

Life would be easier if models were linear and data was flat, but you do business in the real world. Your models require numerous inputs and calculations. Own it with an open API to reconcile data and a graph modeling engine for sophisticated analysis.

Data and sophisticated calculations in one place. The formulas you're used to but now with upside.

Take advantage of a powerful expression language to create calculations, rules, and queries. It's easier than writing spreadsheet formulas, but with limitless power. You can even leverage the full power of Java syntax if that's your preference.

Deploy and automate models. Create and deploy your models as services to make faster decisions.

Put your model to work. Standing up intelligent, real-time services no longer requires coding. Create and deploy your model using Modelshop to deliver real-time results. Export and share your results with relevant stakeholders or systems.

Machine learning analytics in a snap

There's no faster way to train, optimize, and deploy machine learning algorithms in the cloud. Make your model smarter and get ahead of the game.
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